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Friday, April 24, 2015

Anzio Practice weekend!

More FoW action this weekend. This time around sees us playing some practice battles set in Italy, in preparation for an upcoming Firestorm: Anzio campaign.
Even though the terrain is boggy all around (difficult going), both sides are using armored forces. However, this 1,500 pt. Battle does feature airborne troops on BOTH sides - fearless-vet fun!
Germans moving up along the dry roads. FJ units in the fields to their left head for the vineyard just ahead.
Only the roads and high ground are not boggy. Both sides can be seen rushing through the wet fields to get both dry ground and objectives!
My gepanzerte grenadiers move up and partially disembark from their 251 HT's to contest an objective. A small platoon of U.S. Airborne infantry heads through the wood to assault!

My FJ are all but destroyed by an assault by U.S. armored infantry after being pinned at the central objective in the vineyard. Close support fire from the U.S. Stuarts helped a lot here. In the background the remaining Shermans (including two 76's) puts down fire on the closing Panthers,

One of my Panthers is taken out by a 76 Sherman! The shot was on the rear of my Panther and I wasn't paying attention there. Too over-confident to be sure.

My 1ic can be seen looking out from his PzIV. Tow of his tanks have been taken out already by Shermans near the vineyard/ Ahead lies a platoon of U.S. Stuarts'; always a pain in the ass for my Germans!

Yes, those are the 'dead' FJ teams closest to me.

Panthers move to out flank the vineyard position held by the Americans. One promptly bogs!

The U.S. 1ic.

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