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Here is a listing of Battle Reports that I have made for your gaming pleasure. Just look up the period below and click on the link to view the battle. Note that some of the Battle Reports include Video footage. Hope you enjoy. If you want to see more video BatReps I have done check out my YouTube page :)

Flames of War 3rd. Ed.

FoW Demo Battle I
A short battle featuring a PzIV platoon vs. a Sherman 75 platoon.

FoW BatRep 1: Encounter! '44
Short batrep with FOW. Raw footage here. No fancy music or BIG intro. But was an awesome game. Had a fantastic time playing. 1500 point forces; Encounter scenario.

US and Germans face off during the Normandy campaign.

FoW BatRep 2: Dust Up! 1,750 pts. (Late War)
Sorry was VERY tired filming this video. Great battle though. The forces were 1,735 in points, taken from the core rulebooks forces. German Panzer vs. US Armored (with Airborne!). Features some new terrain pieces we added to the layout. :)

FoW BatRep 3: No Retreat! '44
More Noramandy campaign action. This time the US 7th Armoured vs. a German Panzer Ko. from the '44 campign. 1750 point forces. No Retreat scenario.


Here is a BatRep from our Battlegroup Overlord campaign using the playtest rules by the BG guys. This is the third battle in our campaign and features German Panzer vs. US Armoured battlegroups. Squad level action!

BG BatRep 2: '44 Normandy Flank Attack!
Short BatRep using the Battlegroup Overlord rules. Platoon level engagement.

German Panzer BG (500 pts.; BR = 30)
US Armored BG (492 pts.; BR = 37)

Flank Attack scenario (from the main rulebook). Astute players will see that we made a error  by bringing US reinforcements (a Sherman, and three Stuarts) on the board from their RECON deployment zone (screwed up here... not sure why we did that). They should have been arriving from their actual deployment zone (from where the infantry and other tanks were entering). Oh well... made little difference, although one Stuart DID take out some of my German inf!

Blitzkrieg Commander II

BKC II BatRep 1: Encirclement!, '44
Blitzkrieg Commander WW II rules. 15mm using models mounted for FOW. Basic unit/model represents a platoon. FOrgive the background noise in the commentary. I didn't realize the cam was loose on the tripod! :/ It's not that bad though. Enjoy.


BKC II BatRep 2: Breakout!, '44
Scenario two of my BKC II BatReps. This time we see the Germans attempting a proper reakout from the American encirclement. 15mm scale minis on a 6' x 4' table.


I Ain't Been Shot Mum!

IABSM BatRep 1: US Armor vs. Panzer!
This is parts 1 and 2 in a single video. Part 1 is not the best quality, but gets better in part 2. I made this video some time ago. Third ed. of the rules.

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