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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Terrain Update... and more!

The upgrading of my terrain collection continues! This week I have been basing some HO/20mm scale rail road tracks for use in my games. Good enough for my 15mm collection of minis for the time being (although... see below for more on 20mm/HO scale). These are raised tracks so they are realistic as well. I managed to base them on card and added some texturing as would be appropriate. They are coming along nice. Hope to have these done in time for some gaming later next week.

Some based rail road tracks for use in my 15/20mm battles.

Speaking of 20mm scale, I have decided to get back into collecting 20mm miniatures as well! I have been debating this for some time now as the quality and availability of this scale is soo much better these days. In particular are the ranges provided by Eureka (AB Miniatures). Their 20mm WWII line is amazing! I am hoping these guys will fit well with the PSC tanks and vehicles (which I also really like). Not a big fan of the PSC infantry (they look too damn stiff, imo). But yeah... these AB miniatures are just so damn tempting. I think as far as scale the AB minis are just a titch smaller than the PSC inf. Heh... but even then it is minor.

20mm AB Miniatures! Just look at that detail!

                                       Eureka's 20mm WWII Web Site

More AB 20mm. These guys look awesome and the
price is perfect; not too damn expensive.

I'll gave more updates on this as I collect the models. Should be fun. I imagine they will be perfect for Squad/platoon sized games; I don't want to have to play company level games on a HUGE table, so yeah. Of course that won't change my devotion to the ultimate scale: 15mm! :)

Hmmm... some of my brother's High Elves some
how found their way on my table!

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