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Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's Going on...


Finally getting around to updating my Blog. About time really. I figured that this would be a good way to start off the NEW YEAR! Been a while. However, I am planning on keeping this updated on a regular basis. Everything about my adventures in military history, and miniatures wargaming in general :) Lots going on really, and I will be posting all kinds of reviews and battle reports, etc.

You should also be able to keep up on all my wargaming posts on YouTube and Ebay as well from this blog.

Currently I have been playing a lot of WW II miniatures games (my favorite period). I am just getting ready to play a third battle in our five battle mini-campaign with the Battlegroup rules (Overlord). This is a play-test set of campaign rules being developed by the BG authors. SO far... it's a pretty balanced campaign (play wise). The American's have a slight edge in terms of victory condition. Pretty fun stuff really.

In the coming weeks I will be posting stuff for the new DELUXE version of the Panzer Grenadier rules. I am really looking forward to that. I am expecting to be doing quite a few YouTube vids on these rules as well. :)

Of course... also been having a go with more FoW. SO expect more of that soon.

One other thing I should mention is a NEW historical project that I will be doing for the Horse & Musket period. Been chomping at the bit to do this actually. I will have more details soon.

Stay tuned.

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