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Monday, March 16, 2015

American and German Reinforcements Have Arrived!

As if I had a lot of free time, I have managed to boost my WW II forces considerably in the past month. New additions include a second platoon of U.S. Para, a second platoon of Armored Infantry (including five additional M3 half-tracks), and three more Sherman M4 (two 75 and one 76). Not shown in the pics is a P-38 I also finished. So I also have more "air" capability in the game (to go along with what I already have).

The Americans got major reinforcements this month!

Two full platoons of infantry added! To the left is my second platoon of armored infantry;
to the right another platoon of paratroops.
Three new Shermans, as well as 5 more M3 half-tracks!

For the Germans I managed to get another platoon of Luftwaffe field division infantry painted. Well, actually they are standard grenadiers - I just painted them in a more grey uniform. I will probably over-paint these guys in the more proper "green" tinted uniform. We shall see. Take note that these guys are actually mounted for the Panzer Grenadier rules. As shown in the pics this represents a full platoon of grenadiers (four bases). I also included an extra stand of LMG so I can swap out a "rifle" stand. In addition I also included a panzerfaust model (mounted individually). In Panzer Grenadier these little guys are added to a platoon to show the platoon has access to such an at weapon; once used, it is removed from the table (the panzerfaust model). So in a way this little guy is a simple marker  - but looks awesome! :)

The basing turned out quite good.

A full platoon with panzerfaust attached. Note the extra LMG team across the river.

Most are mounted for Flames of War (except the Germans who I mounted for Panzer Grenadier/Battlegroup). I may go back later and remount some of the American infantry on Panzer Grenadier bases so I can add to my forces for that game. Of course I will still be able to use them in FoW using my "lip" bases I created a few months back (see my earlier post on this).

All in all I am happy with the new forces. All are plastics (except for the three Shermans). This was my first time working with the BF plastics and although a bit fragile (to be expected of hard-plastic), they look pretty nice - better than say the PSC one which look a bit small and rigid, imo.

The painting is not finished of course. I still need to wash the models and finish off the bases with more detail. I basically followed my standard process of "painting to play", and worrying about the finer details later down the road.

Also, take note of some of the new terrain pieces I completed since last month. Managed to get a lot done actually, including stone walls, barbed-wire, barricades, farm animals! and a whole lot more. What funs :)

Some of the new terrain finished. Here are some barricades and barbed -wire.
Considering I have been extremely busy with school, as well as my ancients and colonial wargaming, I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with this project.

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