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Friday, January 2, 2015

Overlord Campaign Playtesting

Last week we started a Normandy campaign with the Battlegroup Overlord rules. Been playing BG for over a year now and all I can say is I LOVE it. It's an easy game to learn, you can fight squad, platoon, company or even larger battles with NO problems. After being out of the loop for several months, slipping back into the system was a breeze; once aspect I really appreciate about BG.

StuG III advances over an objective supported by a squad of
Panzer Grenadiers.

Anyway, we are in the midst of playing battle three of a five battle campaign. The rules are in play test by the Battlegroup guys and I thought having a go with them would be pretty fun; like the BG rules, the campaign rules are very easy to learn. My German Panzer battlegroup won the initial battle, but failed in the second (the Americans putting up a really good defense in the High Ground scenario). Gained some interesting benefits like an Elite PG squad, who after the second battle also gained the Scout ability!

This third battle we will finish sometime today. Turns out to be the Flanking Attack scenario which is pretty fun in my opinion; random number of objectives, more forces deployed on-table, and some pretty variable deployment zones. Very interesting the situations that develop from deployment.

A Sherman Platoon supported by a squad of inf. in an M3
move out to capture an objective.

So far, after a single turn I already lost my Stug III G to a breakdown (was immobilized) followed by being BLOWN all to hell by a M4 76! Also lost my entire PG Foot Patrol and their 250/1 halftrack hiding behind a wood (I thought it would be out of site) to another M4 Sherman ripping up the road. Oh well. I did manage to grab three of the four objectives however. After one turn both sides are about equal in the BR department (we are both about half-way to exceeding our forces Battle Ratings).

I am doing a quick video of this third battle and I should have that posted on my YouTube channel shortly. I may do a pictorial BatRep as well and post that here in the Battle Reports section. We shall see.

Later next week I am hoping to not only finish this campaign, but get some Panzer Grenadier games in as well. More on that later.

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