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Saturday, January 3, 2015

BG Overlord BatRep Posted... and some thoughts

Just updated the Battle Reports section of my blog today to include a game we played last night (Battlegroup Overlord). This was part of our campaign we have been playing, so it's pretty interesting. really fun game, even if a bit short. So, have a look in my Battle Reports section (link above), or click the link here... MEIN GOTT! to go directly to the BatRep.

Take note that I also did a video BatRep of this battle. So check that link out in the BatRep description, or just check out my YouTube channel (again, link above).

In other news, been pretty busy with school. I should be done tomorrow and will have more FREE time through Monday. Awesomeness! A good thing cause I want to start getting deeper into the Panzer Grenadier rules next week. Already planning a review and a battle report for these rules, stay tuned for that.

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