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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Overlord Campaign Upcoming Battle

Well, after yesterdays BG Overlord loss I am on the ropes! Battle four is this week. I get to choose the scenario type (Meeting Engagement or Attack/Defense). I chose Attack Defense and we ended up with the "Hold the Line" scenario. Not bad at all. I don't get any FREE Defenses however (and I don't have any in my list.

I got to set up the board (again a 4' x 4' layout since it's a Squad level battle). I think it looks pretty good and will definitely be fun. Since I was the defender I chose to make it somewhat dense. Lots of Hard cover, a stream running along the center (counts as Dangerous Terrain), and lots of woods to hamper movement and provide Soft cover.

A look at the table layout for the upcoming battle.
Which edge should I take?

The forces for the battle are pretty much the same as the last battle (outside of some depleted units). Only difference is my FHQ is now Veteran (as is his), and the Americans will be getting an extra 25 points to spend on a new temporary (this battle only) unit from his list. Regardless, the Americans have the advantage in Recon/Scout units, as well as number of tanks (my two to his three). I have more infantry however (good in this scenario).

At this point it's down to me to choose my table edge (and the Attacker gets the opposite). I will then be deploying my initial defense units in the central third of the board. The Attacker will deploy his initial forces 10" from his table edge. So units will be getting to grips fairly soon. He gets the rest of his forces from Turn three on. I on the other hand have to wait until turn 5! On top of all this, D3 of my units will be "pinned" at the start (although I can also put D3 on Ambush as well).

So, it's going to be one helluva battle. Again, keep in mind that I HAVE TO WIN THIS BATTLE! Otherwise all is lost.

As far as campaign VP, I won the first battle (Recce Screen), and the Americans went on to win the next two (High Ground and Flanking Attack). I have 7 VP and the Americans have 14! So yeah, they are winning on that front as well. Regardless, this battle will be the turning point (and possibly the end) of the campaign.

For those interested, the campaign rules we are using have been in development for quite a while now (since the release of BG: Overlord). They are still being playtested. If interested, join The Guild forums for Battle Group (see my links on the right of the screen). Easy to find as they are located under the Battlegroup Overlord section of the forum, at the very top.

If you follow my YouTube channel (see the links above) I am posting a short video on the layout of the table. Might want to check that out if interested. A BatRep will follow later this week. A good look at the layout! Video.

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