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Thursday, January 8, 2015

NEW Terrain and Bases!

School has kept me pretty busy past few days. So our Battlegroup Overlord campaign (and game four in fact) has kind of taken a back seat till later this week. I did manage to finish up some new trees (thanks to the trusty glue gun!). So I may actually throw down the new trees on the table for turn two of our BG game this week.

Some of the NEW trees displayed around the bridge. So much
better than the lichen covered trees.

Another pic; this time of a small wood. Still have to clean  them
up a bit as you can see some glue. All in due time.

On the Panzer Grenadier Deluxe front, just bought a ton of LITKO FoW bases (small). I will be mounting my infantry on these sized bases (with two - three models per base as recommended by the PG rules). They are perfect size and I will be able to use them with other rules as well (such as BG). For FoW I will be placing the small bases on the larger med. size bases with a figure or two already mounted.; kind of like a base on a base type deal. Works great really. I'll post some pics of what I mean below. I use celu-clay tp build up the med. size bases edge for a nice snug fit when I place the small sized bases on them.

The FoW med. base is on the left. I used Celu-Clay to build-up
the edges around it to hold a small FoW base within it.
Here is what it will look like with a FoW small base set within it.
I could also put single mounted models on the base as well
(although not as snug a fit of course).

Here I placed a FoW small base with models facing the short side
within the med. base. Works great!

Finally got around to figuring out how I will be mounting my 15mm figs for use in my Horse & Musket games (check out my link to my Project for 2015 above). I REALLY want to focus on the look of units so I am opting for the large 30mm square bases for my infantry. These will be mounted with five - six inf. in close formation. I wont go into too much detail here on that. I'll have more details in the future as I get the project underway later this spring.

Anyway, stay tuned. I have a BatRep going up soon of Battle four in our BG Overlord campaign (both a video AND a proper write up).

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