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Friday, January 9, 2015

Terrain Update!

Had some spare time tonight. Just did some more terrain upgrading. Fixed up the dirt roads with a little more texturing, as well as fixed up some of the trees by painting up the trunks as well as painting over some of the glue spots (was using a glue gun to adhere the clump flock). All in all looks pretty good considering I didn't spend much time on this "upgrade". I must say though, it has been a while since I did work on my terrain. It shows though. So I am planning a lot of new terrain projects/upgrades. My friend told me that felt and lichen are the lazy wargamers terrain! Hahahaa... perhaps he is right. Anyway... below are the results.

Now to get on with a few more turns of our battle tonight. Should have another BatRep up by early next week. Stay tuned!

An AFTER pic of the road after
some texturing.
A BEFORE pic of the road (plain
brown felt).

A Hay and Plant field completed as well. Black Magic Marker
and flock on nothing more than pieces of cut felt.
Pretty sweet really.

Overhead view of our recent BG Overlord game.
A black felt marker was used to make "deep" tracks in the road
giving some shading.

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