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Friday, January 16, 2015

Terrain Update!

Lots been going on here at the Forge. Some of that involves some much needed updating of my own gaming terrain. After last weeks BG Overlord campaign I discovered it was time to upgrade my terrain collection. So be it...

Some Germans make their way through a newly-made light forest.

Here are some pics of what I have done over the past few days. Of course I also did some road and fields, which I will showcase in my upcoming BG BatRep (see later post).

I am also working on some foxhole and mine field markers (mostly for use with BG rules).

Here are some pics of the most recent terrain pieces I have upgraded (or made from scratch).

Some new trees laid out on wood base recently textured
with a forest floor. 

The texturing on these bases are awesome!

The felt forest floor with trees, rocks, 
twigs, lichen and troops added!
Felt pieces for forest floor. I added all
kinds of texture to them, including
some paint.

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