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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Team Yankee!

Finally took the bait and tried a game of Team Yankee! Wow! What a fun game with a really interesting background. I have been thinking about having a go with these rules for some time - if for anything, to see how well the rules have been adapted. I really feel Battlefront has done an excellent job regarding this. It is still FoW, but much more streamlined in certain respects. I should have more details on this new era in the coming months. I have already ordered the rules, the West German supplement, markers, etc. - and yes, I will be playing West Germans to start with :() Should have pics up soon.

In other news, expect some additional content for FoW in the coming weeks as well. I have an interesting game coming up soon - in Normandy once again, as well as a full campaign in Italy. Yes, this Italy campaign is the same one I have been trying to get a start on since last year! For some reason I have yet to play out a beach landing! So this is something I am looking at doing as well. Again, I should have more pics up soon.

Anyway, just a short update. Lots coming soon.



  1. All sounds good, interesting to see how you get on with moderns.

    1. It's very interesting. From the modern kit, to the interaction of complex weapon systems and mobile tactics. great fun really. Not Napoleonics, that's for sure. But it is interesting for me to see the transitions of tactics and technology over time. From static lines of battle, to broken mobility.

      Wait... do I hear drums? Yes! The faint sound of WAR DRUMS in the distance! :()