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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Some Re-basing and other silliness...

Tonight I finally got around to re-basing some of my FoW miniatures. I realized I needed to do this since in the last couple of battles I had to proxy some of my FJ as PG! Enough of that silliness! So yes, now I have a proper three platoons worth of panzergrenadiers.

While I was at it I also prepped my Nebs and Mortar platoons for final flocking. These and a couple extra PG command teams and I should be ready to finish off the bases with proper spackling and flocking.

I hope to get some more battles in soon; perhaps even this week. Being busy with school and playing L'Art de la Guerre (ancients) has kept me pretty much away from my FoW. Hopefully that will change shortly.

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