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Friday, October 9, 2015

Some NEW Forces Have Arrived.

I have been pretty involved as of late with a few NEW wargaming projects - nothing to do with FoW, or modern era wargaming. In fact, I should be adding a NEW blog soon reflecting these efforts. I will be sure to post information on that blog later.

I did manage to get a pretty good battle in a few weeks back - which my side ( the Germans) lost! Ahhh... was a really fun battle. Interesting battle that featured the .26 Panzer v. Old Iron Sides div.  A mech. infantry list v infantry. I have been playing a lot with my infantry list as of late. I mostly play Armor lists, so this is taking getting used to. So far I love the depth infantry provides - not to mention the battles offer many new options tactically.

I also finally got a hold of the Bridge at Remagen book for FoW. I love it so far. I got this mainly to complete my Western Front collection, but also to add some more nasty-ness to my Americans.

Also, I have been doing some painting and adding troops to my forces.

Some Jagdpanthers just completed.

More tank hunters, in this case some StuG replacements, the JagdpzIV L40

Just got these off a friend. These are FOUR more M10's added to my tank destroyers. Note these
 are crewed by brits!

Both my Germans and my Americans received some RECON vehicles including a few jeeps with mortars
and .50 cal MG's, a Greyhound, and some 8 Rads for the Germans.

My Jpanthers getting painted. Also note a NEW objective marker I am working on - a blown-out flak 88 gun.

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